Issue 9  
issue9[1]   *Steve 'Knocker' Norton and Mick Sullivan on the front cover.
*'Great Hull Loose-Forwards - In Black and White'
*Rugby League Shorts - snippets of news from bye-gone days.                   
*Teams to remember featuring Wakefield and Castleford
*The Public Execution of BARLA - the sensational article that blows the gaff on the pretence in Rugby League.  
*Current Affairs by Mike Rylance.
*Guest writer Ian Heads, Australia's top writer, gives his views from the Australian Heartlands.

*Rugby League Raw - is it fit for your kids to watch? Comments on the television programme that ain't smart. 
*Tribute to Mick Sullivan and much much more
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 Issue 16  

Bill Ashurst on the front cover

Saints double in 1966

Wigan’s transfer-fee record breakers

Gilbert Benausse in Rick Stein’s t.v. programme

Featherstone Rovers’ great Cup adventures

Headingley Magic – the Loiners of the sixties

Clarence Street, York – a ground to remember

France win at Wembley in 1949

Cumbria – the Valhalla of Rugby League

Berwyn Jones, Wakefield Trinity’s sprinter

Whitehaven beat the Kangaroos 50th anniversary

Castleford’s special Floodlit Trophy nights

The first Student international in 1973

BARLA Youth tour pioneers of 1977

Obituaries include: Ike Southward, Ken Goodall and Keith Smith

Team photos include: Bradford Northern, Hull, Keighley, Halifax and Leigh


 Issue 17  

Mike Gregory on the front cover as his brave story is told.

Tri-Nations reflections – comparing Lockyer and Stacey Jones to Sean Long.

Seeking recognition for Britain’s ‘forgotten’ Test players.

Colin Hutton remembers Felix Bergese in Carcassonne.

Workington names its streets after Ivison and Risman.

How Leeds signed Lewis Jones – the drama unfolded.

Cumberland – one of the last teams pictured.

Keighley’s 1962 team pictured in Bronte country.

Ashes 1967 – a dramatic Test series revisited.

Borough Park, Blackpool – a ground remembered.

Harold Poynton’s debut for Wakefield Trinity.

Puig-Aubert’s all time best X111 – never published before.

Bob Spurr of Castleford and Green Vigo playing for Swinton.

Rochdale Hornets Lancashire Cup win – wonderful historic photos.

Obituaries include: Ken Kearney, Tommy Harris, Ivor Kelland, Alan Kellett, John McKeown, Keith Holden, Don Metcalfe, Derek Hurt and Edouard Ponsinet.

Old team photos include: Wigan, Warrington, St.Helens & Blackpool Borough.

       Plus much, much more – including free full colour video &         DVD     catalogue         

issues 18 + 19 sold out
 Issue 20  

Harry Pinner on the front cover playing for GB v New Zealand

Lessons in loyalty from Shane Webcke and Aaron Lester

Dick Huddart remembers being a star for St.Helens

John Burke – 29 years on from his tragic accident

Hookers – from Ben Elias to Smiler Allen, Don Close and Bob Burdell

Wakefield Trinity and the glory of Wembley

Parkside – memories of Hunslet’s old ground

Maurice Bamford remembers the “Indomitables” of 1946

The Eastern Division team of 1962 which won in France

Broughton Rangers – Manchester’s team in the Belle Vue years

Milan Kosanovic – Rugby League’s first Yugoslav star

Mick Sullivan’s very first contract with Huddersfield

Folly Lane – the Amateur club keeping the game alive in Swinton

The Gallant Youths – Batley’s history revisited

Alan Hardisty and Mike Coulman, brilliant action from Wembley 1969

Wilf Rosenberg the “Flying Dentist” at Leeds

Halifax and the Yorkshire Cup

Ken Parr in his only Test match for Great Britain

Obituaries and tributes to: Brian Nordgren, Allen Lockwood, Bill Martin, Rodney Smith, Andy Key, Austin Kilroy, John McVay and Ron McGregor

Team photos include: Warrington, Oldham, Huddersfield, Featherstone Rovers, Barrow and much more


Issue 21

 Issue 22  

Kevin Ward and Ellery Hanley on the front cover.

Castleford’s Wembley joy of 1969.

Keith Fielding – Salford’s England flyer.

Stan Owen a Leigh hero in action for Wales.

When Wakefield youngsters beat the Australians – Ken Rollin remembers.

Fartown’s Super Team – glory days at Huddersfield.

The Golden Boot – forget the myths, here’s the truth.

The Lions of 1950, exclusive instructions given to the players.

Dave Chisnall – the spirit of the seventies.

Cumbria – potential still untapped ; Eppie Gibson action photo.

Great Britain’s spectacular win over Australia at Wembley in 1973.

Don Vines – Wakefield’s toughest Welshhman remembered.

Keighley and Halifax cup semi-final dramas, by Maurice Bamford.

The Barley Mow – Bramley’s old ground remembered..

Searching for Barrow’s missing faces.

Wigan’s Cup as Eric Ashton leads them down the Wembley steps in 1959.

Obituaries and tributes to: Mike Gregory, Duggie Greenall, Jack Bateman, 
Norman Field, Mike Blackmore and Paul Woods.
Team photos include: St.Helens, 
Featherstone Rovers, Leeds, Keighley, Hull, HullKingston Rovers, Bramley, 
Cumbria and many more

ISSUE 23             SOLD OUT
 Issue 24  


 Issue 25  

Billy Boston on the front cover, with Alan Hardisty and Bill Burgess.

Gus Risman and Salford’s Red Devils win at Wembley.

Fartown and the flying Scots.

Lewis Jones in the news & Paul Charlton in the archives.

Barrow on the up in 2009.

Stanley Gene – the real man of the World Cup.

When Leigh won the Championship.

Toulouse jump ship - but French Championship was once vibrant.

Lessons of Liverpool – City’s story is finally told in detail.

Swinton, the making of Champions – Albert Blan’s boys analysed.

Joe Warham’s half century at Headingley.

Doncaster’s first Yorkshire County cap, Peter Goodchild.

Brian Edgar captained Lions to 1966 Test win in Sydney.

The Drake twins among Cumberland’s finest.

Would Jo Maso have made the difference in 1968 World Cup?

Halifax won the first Player’s Trophy.

Kevin Ashcroft’s roller coaster ride.

Obituaries and tributes to: Don Fox, Harry Bath, Jim Drake, Arthur Keegan, Bill Hopper and Brian Hambly.

Team photos include: Castleford, Dewsbury, Hull, Cumberland County, Leeds, Swinton, France and many more.

 Issue 26  

Vince Karalius on the front cover – a special tribute to Vinty.

Wilderspool still busy –  Warrington’s spiritual home.

The Hilton Park scoreboard, a story of love in Leigh.

Blackpool Borough’s first win over Wigan in 1966.

Colin Dixon stars as Wales beat England at Salford in 1968.

How St.Patrick’s youth stars launched Wigan’s talent.

Les Bettinson’s book revisited – in the Lions Den.

The story of John Wilson, guiding light as secretary of the Rugby League.

Widnes caused Wembley’s first shock – Keith Macklin explains.   

Batley bring their original “Gallant Youths” to life.

Barrow’s mystery men remembered  in giant who’s who.

Tom Hill, ex-Whitehaven and Wakefield Trinity hooker.

Americans in French mystery tour of 1953-1954.

The British Rugby League Lions Association.

John Atkinson of Leeds – a great British winger.

Trinity boys in 1979 – thirty years on from Wakefield at Wembley.

Derek Hallas keeps his Parramatta number.

Huddersfield hold the Yorkshire Cup.

Obituaries and tributes to: Vince Karalius, Alan Snowden, Joe Walsh, Dennis Martin, Geoff Clark, Arthur Hattee, Stan Kielty, Mick Hough, Jimmy Russell, Ken Hirst, Bill Kindon, Alan Davies, Joe Collins, Francis Levy and more.

Team photos include: Workington Town, Wakefield Trinity, Castleford, Hull and Hull K.R. combined in 1961, a United Kingdom X111 in France in 1951 and many more.

 Issue 27  

Great Britain’s 1964 team on the front cover.

Blackpool Borough’s Wiganers led by Dave Bolton.

Dave Chisnall, John Bevan and Bobby Greenhough in Warrington hall of fame.

Len Killeen – former St.Helens favourite

Barrow bouncing back.

Wigan and Warrington in Milwaukee twenty years ago.

James Graham and Sam Burgess set the modern day example.

The Indomitables of 1946 remembered.

Joe Egan should be honoured by the game.

A history of radio and tv broadcasting of the Challenge Cup Final.   

Cliff Evans – the Championship winning coach.

Clive Sullivan’s winner as Great Britain triumph in France in 1967.

Fartown – Huddersfield’s famous ground in words and pictures.

Robert Caillou of Bayonne, an unsung hero of France.

Tommy McCue one of the greatest Chemics of Widnes.

Dewsbury’s Championship title win of 1973.

Classy Cas – news of Hardisty’s sixties stars now on DVD.

Bill Aspinall of Keighley and the Kells boys of Whitehaven.

Hull’s Johnny Whiteley lifts the Championship in 1958.

Obituaries and tributes to: Frank Carlton, Dinks Harris, Frank Mortimer, Mick Hogan, Frank Tobin and Derek Noonan.

Team photos include: Leigh, Salford, Bradford Northern, Whitehaven, Halifax, Bramley and Wakefield Trinity.

 Issue 28  

Neil Fox (Wakefield) and Jim Challinor (Warrington) on the front cover.

Sheffield Eagles’first quarter century.

Eppie Gibson honoured by Loughborough University.

Agony for Syd Hynes as Leeds won the 1975 Premiership.

Old Test captains George Ailleres and Roy Christian.

Warrington team who won the Wigan Sevens in 1965.

Behind the scenes of Featherstone Rovers Cup dream in 1967.

Maurice Bamford  remembers Widnes-Leigh cup replays of 1964.

Ken Gowers gives seal of approval to Swinton full-back Wayne English.  

A history of the Royal Family’s involvement at the Challenge Cup Final.   

The rise of Hull Kingston Rovers under coach Colin Hutton.

Dad’s Army and the famous Ashes Test win at Odsal in 1978.

When Jock McAvoy brought new hope to Bradford Northern.

Billy Boston’s story – told by Robert Gate.

Lavardac, the Amateur giants of France, remembering Gilbert Dautant.

Geoff Crewdson – Keighley’s Lions tourist.

Norman Herbert of Workington and Billy Banks of Whitehaven.

Thrum Hall, Halifax – a great ground remembered.

St.Helens – Kel Coslett’s championship winners of 1971..

Obituaries and tributes to: Ces Mountford, Vic Yorke, Ralph Morgan, Benard Ganley, John McKinnell, Keith Macklin and Richard Woodall.

Team photos include: Wigan, Castleford, Barrow, Cumbria County, Hull F.C., Bradford Northern, BARLA touring team of 1978, Hull K.R., and much more

 Issue 29  


John Holmes tribute issue with John on the front cover.

Ken Rollin’s great Wembley try for Wakefield Trinity.

Heritage Centre honours Mick Sullivan.

Howard Hill the tops at Whitehaven.

A famous win for Wales over France in 1970.

Featherstone Rovers victories over the Australian tourists.

Rugby League’s publishing pioneers including Tony Pocock & John Lindley.

Jim Brough – Cumberland’s master coach.  

The first England-France Services international in 1955.   

The tale of Fattorinis and the Cups of Rugby League.

Tom Van Vollenhoven and Mick Sullivan tackle Widnes for St.Helens.

Hilton Park – the ground where Leigh lit up the game.

Yorkshire County games in the city of York.

David Watkins and his early struggles in Rugby League.

Looking at Billy Boston’s biography.

Castleford’s local boys and the lads of Hull F.C.

Fartown’s packed terraces and Huddersfield’s Stanley Chadwick .

Hardisty and Hepworth reunited with Salford’s David Watkins.

Obituaries and tributes to: John Holmes, Parry Gordon, Bob Ryan, Len Garbett, Geoff Sutcliffe, Fizzer Dawson and Paddy Armour.

Team photos from the ’60s include: Swinton, Rochdale Hornets and Wakefield Trinity plus  Great Britain team photos from 1951, 1963 and 1977 – and  much, much more.

 Issue 30  


Roger Millward leads out Great Britain on the front cover.

Frank Myler wins Lion of the year award.

Saints versus Swinton Lancashire Cup trilogy.

Frank Foster as leader of the Oldham pack.

Bobby Greenhough  revisits Warrington.

Wakefield Trinity the Yorkshire Cup winners of 1956 .

Ray Ashby – from Liverpool City to Lance Todd trophy.

How Alex Murphy drew the big crowds to Knowsley Road.   

Barrow – are they going to go up?

The skills of players like Ken Loxton, Jim Mills and Billy Boston.

Station Road – the great ground of Swinton remembered.

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first Lions tour.

Survival in Sheffield – how the Eagles took flight.

Huddersfield’s European Cup victory in Barcelona in 1993.

Whitehaven’s record crowd versus Wakefield 50 years ago .

Woolston Rovers – doing the amateurs proud in Warrington.

Tommy Sale – the great man of Leigh.

Bill Holliday takes on Marcel Bescos for G.B. in France.

Obituaries and tributes to: Geoffrey Moorhouse, Tom Smith, Denzil Webster, Tommy Keen, Jean Audoubert, George Clinton, Andre Carrere and George Parsons.

Team photos  include: Leigh, Cardiff Blue Dragons, Liverpool City, Barrow, Halifax, Dewsbury, Leeds, Swinton, Wigan, York, Hull, Whitehaven – and  much, much more.


 Issue 31  

 On the front  cover - Brett Kenny and Peter Sterling at the classic 1985 Wembley Final.
Building Salford's Champions - the 1974 'Red Devils' analysed.
Oldham's new ground means they come back home.
Blackpool Borough's new stadium opening in 1963.
Marcel Bescos and the Swinton dramas of 1965.
Derek Turner - Rugby League's original 'Rocky.'
Lancashire County memories - 1977 and 1967.
Hull and Hull K.R. Championship title rivals from one city.
Wigan's Wembley glory - the epic 1985 Final v Hull remembered.
BARLA's Young Lions of 1983 produced future Test stars.
Geoff Gunney Hunslet through and through.
Kel Coslett a Welsh Saint.
When Featherstone Rovers produced timeless quality.
Knowsley Road farewells.
When Batley player looked too fierce.
Tommy Sale - Leigh's 'Mr Rugby League.'
Halifax Championship winners of 1965.
Obituaries and tributes to: Johnny Lawrenson, Bryn Knowelden, Brian Smith (ex-York and Huddersfield), Barry Briggs (ex-Warrington), David Lamming (ex-Wakefield), Aussie officials Kevin Humphreys and Charlie Gibson, Brian Kettleton (ex-Rochdale Hornets) and Charlie Howard (ex-Castleford.)
Team photos include:  Doncaster, Keighley, Barrow, Warrington, Batley, Whitehaven, Leeds, Great britain 1955, plus much more.

 Issue 32  


Des Drummond on the front cover.

Great Britain's World Cup winners of 1960 - fifty years on.

How Huddersfield last won the Challenge Cup in 1953.

Flash Flanagan - happy days with Hull Kingston Rovers.

Eddie Waring - last chance for his centenary tribute.

Featherstone Rovers' Yorkshire Cup excitement.

A taste of Cumbria in the mid-1970s - including Millom.    

Yorkshire v Australia in 1967 under Wakefield's lights.

Castleford - caught in the middle of the game's unrest.

Roy Lester's magic moment for Warrington.

Other Nationalities - early history of a famous team.

Rees Thomas and Johnny Whiteley at Wembley in 1959.

Sam Illingworth and Keighley's special move.

When Kangaroo tour kicked off at Blackpool.

Reg Gasnier and "the Bison" Andre Savonne honoured.

Cumbrian Joe Coan  coached both St.Helens and Wigan.

Proud name of the Rismans.

Douglas Clark comes 'home' to Huddersfield.

Obituaries and tributes to: Garry Purdham, Carl Dooler, Joby Shaw, Johnny 'Jack' Alty, Toni Danieli (aka Tony Rossi) and Pierre Zamora.

Team photos  include: Wigan 1959,  Hull K.R. late 1960s, Wakefield Trinity "A" team 1956,  Workington Town 1978, Barrow 1976,  Castleford 1962, Blackpool Borough 1978, Hunslet 1959, Wakefield Trinity 1972, Salford 1963, St.Helens 1979 - and much, much more.

 Issue 33  


Tom Van Vollenhoven on the front cover.

Wigan's title triumph a reminder of past glories.

Hull memories of the fabulous 'fifties.

Oldham's heritage in good hands.

Rochdale Hornets reach the 1965 Lancashire Cup Final.

Widnes and Liverpool City in a real Merseyside derby.

Cumbria's draw with England provides inspiration.     

Huddersfield's famous Other Nationalities trio.

Wales v France in Swansea - a magical day in 1975.

Gordon Brown scores as a World Cup winner in 1954.

Frankie Jones - of Barrow and Blackpool Borough.

The Stephensons of Champions Dewsbury in 1973.

Ray Glastonbury was top try-scorer in his first season.

Hunslet's semi-final win on the way to 1965 Wembley classic.

Players reminisce - Mick Murphy, Ken Rollin, Joe Chamberlain, Neil Fox.

Ces Mountford tribute introduced in New Zealand.

David Redfearn try-scorer for Bradford Northern.

Dewsbury Black Knights and Risehow & Gillhead Colliery.

Obituaries and tributes to:  Johnny Fishwick, Ron McMenemy, Ted Kerwick, Terry Newton, Ben Quansah and Ron Evans.

Team photos  include: Wigan 1959; Castleford 1959;  Cumbria 1985; Leeds 1970s; Swinton 1984; Halifax 1975; Wales 1975; Leigh 1960s; Keighley 1991; Warrington 1980s; Wakefield Trinity 1975 and much, much more.

 Issue 34  


Andy Gregory on the front cover.

Salford's centenary match in 1979.

York - make up of a Minster City team.

Austin Rhodes remembers the 1957 World Cup.

Brian Fallon - on kicking Leigh to victory over Australia.

History of the Rugby League's Coaching Scheme.

Derek Hallas remembers Leeds 1961 Championship Final win.

Jim Belshaw on playing for Wigan in the 1963 semi-final.

When Hull K.R. smashed the Queenslanders in 1983,

Paul Grimes - a touchdown for the big Geordie forward.

Carcassonne - different language, same heart and soul.

Ken Batty - from Wakefield Trinity to the Sydney Grand Final.

Terry Holmes in the Lions den at Swinton for Bradford Northern.

Normanton, Millom & Bisons - prolific Amateur clubs.

Wilderspool days, including a John Bevan try.

Bill Francis and the VAT 69 Trophy.

Ray French's fascinating adventure in Rugby.

John Dorahy - 'Joe Cool'  in the hot spots.

Obituaries and tributes to: Johnny Noon, George Roughley, Ted Verrenkamp, Norman Cherrington,  Duncan Hall, Eduoard Martung, Fred Higginbottom, Peter Riley, David Elliott, Jack Byrne and Alf Richards.

Team pictures include: Batley; Halifax; Castleford; Whitehaven; Featherstone Rovers; Workington Town; Oldham; Keighley; Wakefield Trinity; Leeds; York; Salford.


 Issue 35  


Matt McLeod of Wakefield Trinity on the front cover.

Bob Burdell tells his own story from - Liverpool City to Wembley.

Halifax souvenirs from the days of Thrum Hall.

In praise of Gary Prohm - Hull K.R.'s Kiwi.

Leeds first Championship and training led by Joe Warham.

Was Berwyn Jones the fastest of all?

Phil Kitchin is Whitehaven's new "Mr. President."

British players who made it with Australian clubs.

Great Britain Under-24s revival in 1976.

Featherstone loyalty - Rovers who received Testimonials.

Matt McLeod - Wakefield Trinity's Cumbrian favourite.

Fartown's last chance - the end for Huddersfield's old ground.

When Barrow beat the Australians in 1959.

Airlie Birds - Hull F.C.'s wall of memories.

'Juicy' Adams - one of the great names of Rugby League.

Ade Gardner - St.Helens winger bucks the Super League trend.

Blackpool Borough and the Kilkenny Trophy.

Bak Diabira, Ray Batten and the skills of the ball-handlers.

Inside France's 1981 tour to New Zealand and Australia.

Cec Thompson's inspiring story revisited.

Castleford's legends and Jeff  Grayshon's new biography.

Rod Tickle - Leigh's winger in action at Hilton Park.

Obituaries and tributes to: Brian Shaw, Dennis Goodwin, Don Froggett, Mike Kelly and Frank Cox.  

Team pictures include: Hunslet, Oldham, Keighley, Warrington, Wigan, Workington Town, Hull K.R., Leigh and Great Britain Under-24s of 1976


 Issue 36  


Issue number 36 - Autumn 2011 

Billy Boston of Wigan and Kevin Dick of Leeds on the front cover.

Steve Nash - in praise of a great British player.

Batley's wing aces - John Etty and Jackie Perry.

Wigan's Sam Tomkins maintains a great tradition.

Saints Wembley winners of 1961 - Austin Rhodes remembers.

Paul Daley's long service to Rugby League.

Hull's original Kiwi trio - O'Hara, Kemble and Leuluai.

Carlisle 30 years on - inside story of the launch of the Border City club.

Ian Brooke's exclusive Lions tour memories.

Roger Millward on winning at Wembley in 1980.

Brian Lockwood on being discovered by the Australians.

Mick Scott and the Euro winning drop-goal for Hull F.C.

City of Manchester - revival hopes for Salford and Swinton.

Historic photos of Broughton Rangers and Belle Vue Rangers.

The 1970 World Cup Final - the Battle of Leeds.

Craven Park - in the Robins nest at Hull K.R.

Paris match - exclusive historic photo from first game in France in 1933.

Cumberland's first County Championship decider.

Remembering the Leeds Championship heroes of 1961.

Warrington's unlucky Lions in Wire's Hall of Fame.

Introducing our next new book on the Sixties - Volume Two.

Obituaries and tributes to: Cec Thompson, Rex Mossop, Peter Birchall, Bill Hanson, Norman Longley, Paul Darbyshire, Alan Lancaster and Alan Wood.

Team pictures include: Workington Town, Wigan, St.Helens,  Oldham, Whitehaven, Barrow, Carlisle,  Hull K.R., Huddersfield, Warrington, Rochdale Hornets, Leigh, Cumberland County 1952 and the BARLA Great Britain touring team of 2011.


                     OVERSEAS ORDERS                EUROPEAN ORDERS

 Issue 37  


Issue number 37 - Winter 2011 


Len Killeen on the front cover - with a tribute to the Saints legend inside.

Salford's farewell to The Willows after 110 years.

Dewsbury's master class in the 1973 Championship Final.

Featherstone Rovers bargain buys, including Freddie Miller & Cyril Woolford.

Geoff Gunney on getting the call-up for England.

The 1971 Kiwis - conquerers of the world.

Rochdale Hornets match with Australia in 1963.

Whitehaven players celebrate their first victory at Wigan.

Carlisle 30 years on - second part of the inside story of the Border City club.

John Atkinson flies in for a try for Leeds at Wembley.

Rugby League during the War years - Maurice Bamford remembers.

Tribute to Phil Melling - pioneer of the game in Wales.

Barrow face up to life after the bubble burst.

York's Stanley connection - with hooker Laurie Milner.

When the Kangaroos kicked off  at Warrington in 1963.

Alan Hardisty - from Castleford to Leeds.

Leigh's Des Drummond - 30 years since the Championship title.

Hull K.R. players enjoy a Robins reunion with John Millington.

The working Saints - St.Helens players and their day jobs.

Memories from Malcolm Sampson and Keith Jarrett.

Amateur R.L. - Leeds Sunday League pioneers, plus Luddenden of Halifax. .

Sydney's suburban grounds - from Balmain to Newtown.

Obituaries and tributes to: Len Killeen, Albert Halsall, Keith Holman, Vince McKeating, Maunga Emery, Dick Thornett, Ron Mather, Jimmy Gaskell, Dana Wilson, Christian Baile and Jacques Balleroy.

Team pictures include: Widnes 1974-5, Bramley 1973-4,  Carlisle 1983-4, Whitehaven 1972-73,   Leigh 1972-3, Castleford 1973-4, Hull 1972-3, Halifax 1987-8 and St.Helens 1962-3.

PLUS MUCH, MUCH MORE ... including full colour catalogue of DVDs and books


 Issue 38  


Issue number 38 - SPRING 2012 


*Les Dyl and Ken Gill on the front cover playing for England.

*Halifax 25 years on from their Wembley Cup glory.

*Castleford and the drama of Cup-tie replays.

*Big Artie – a pictorial tribute to the late, great Arthur Beetson.

*A Rare Foreign Legion – British players in France.

*Yorkshire Cup controversy at Featherstone Rovers.

*Warrington – are the Wire older than they thought?

*Oldham’s new signing amid the chatter of a tea shop!

*Great Britain Under-24s at the Boulevard in 1977.

*Fartown favourite – the great Aussie Lionel Cooper.

*Joe Bonnar – of Wakefield Trinity and Whitehaven.

*Fun memories of the Coaching Courses at Lilleshall.

*Tribute to Dave Kay, pioneer of R.L. in the south west.

*Gus Risman at the reformed Bradford Northern.

*Robert Caillou and Trevor Foster – gentlemen captains.

*Shaw Cross – a real Rugby League Hall of Fame.

*Obituaries and tributes to: Charlie Pawsey, Barry Simpson, John Hancock, Doug Clarke, Geoff Robinson, Brian Hambling, Idwal Fisher, Colin Bell, Jackie Thomas and Len McIntyre.

*Team photos including: York (late 1950s), Castleford (1970), Whitehaven (1960), Barrow (1983), Leeds (1964), Swinton (1974) and St.Helens (1961).

Plus much, much more.

Issue 39

SUMMER   2012



Deryck Fox of Featherstone Rovers on the front cover.

Warrington players get their heritage numbers.

John Wolford – a class footballer.

Eastmoor boys at Wakefield Trinity.

League leaders – Joseph Platt, John Wilson, Bill Fallowfield and David Oxley.

Huyton’s famous win over Workington Town.

Johnny Whiteley on lessons learned on the 1958 tour.

When Wigan were relegated – then revived by George Fairbairn.

The making of Hull K.R. – remember the Robins of 1962.

Ashes lost - the 1973 Ice Bowl Test of Wilderspool.

Classy Cas’ suffer heartbreak in the 1964 Cup semi-final.

Swinton’s epic Cup battles of the ’sixties..

Doncaster – what has changed for the Dons?

Pilkington Recs’ and a famous home in St.Helens.

Big Artie’s last visit to the Heritage Centre.

Saints on tour in Wales produced a gem.

Billy Garratt enters Whitehaven’s hall of fame.

Mick Murphy leading Barrow at Odsal Stadium.

When Toulon were the moneybags team of French Rugby League – not Union.

Shanks Watson – a moving story of the Hunslet and Leeds great.

Fartown’s cosmopolitan team and Alan Smith a Flying Loiner.

When Slough and Brixton were powers of the game in the London area.

Obituaries and tributes to: Herve Guiraud, Tank Gordon, Harold Swift, Fred Leyland, Keith Mills and Deryk Brown.

Team pictures include: Bradford Northern 1977-78; Halifax 1973-74; Salford 1981-82; Huddersfield 1948-49; Doncaster 1970-71; Hull K.R. 1962; Workington Town 1955; Wigan 1980-81.


Issue 40

 Autumn 2012



Cumbrians on the front cover – Dick Huddart and Sol Roper.

Great Britain’s 1972 World Cup winners – 40 years later.

Bradford’s crisis – as Championship times at Odsal remembered.

Colin Tyrer’s moment of despair at Wembley with Wigan in 1970.

Thirty years on from the Kangaroo tour that changed the game.

Max Kirlich remembers captaining the 1982 “Invincibles.”

Great Britain’s battles with the blues of New South Wales.

Wakefield Trinity’s golden times – Rocky’s boys.

Featherstone and Barrow at Wembley in 1967.

Supporting the Loiners – the Leeds Supporters’ Club.

Johnny Gaydon – we meet the ex-Widnes flyer at home in South Africa.

When television came to Lawkholme Lane, Keighley.

Arrival of the “All Golds” in Cheltenham.

The footballing Greenall brothers of St.Helens.

Clarence Street of York remembered with other old grounds.

The French Presidents, from Barriere to Soppelsa.

John Burnett – Halifax’s Championship winning captain.

Swinton toast for “Daz” Davies, and Leigh’s Derek Pyke.

When Doncaster met Danny Wilson of Swinton.

Olympics centenary – John Wilson’s cycling honours in 1910.

Huyton lads, and Whitehaven’s Colloby and Cassie.

Blackpool Borough’s welcome for Rugby League legends.

Obituaries and tributes to: Drew Turnbull, Bernard Prior, Doug Walton, John Lindley, Bobby Vincent, Arthur Tomlinson, Dave O’Connor, Frank Tobin jnr., Georges Jameau, Irenee Carrere.

Team pictures include: Bradford Northern late 1970s,  Batley 1971, Rochdale Hornets 1962, Wakefield Trinity 1962, Barrow 1967, Featherstone Rovers 1958, Hunslet 1965, Castleford 1968, Huddersfield 1949.



Issue 41

ISSUE 41     Winter 2012


Our 10th Anniversary Collectors’ Edition

Castleford on the front cover – Keith Hepworth and Mick Redfearn.

Great Britain’s 1979 tour – the writing on the wall?

Featherstone Rovers’ rich and varied fixtures lists of the one league days.

The sensational first Australian Schoolboys tour of 1972.

Swinton supporters – happy days of following the Lions.

Castleford players– still at the heart of the game.

Building the Amateur Cup – Dewsbury Celtic’s famous victory of 1972.

When Dewsbury had a jinx on Warrington.

Barrow Lancashire Cup winner’s black memory.

Remembering Alan Rees – former Welsh R.U. international at Leeds.

Graham Idle – tribute to his remarkable 24 year career.

Keighley legends return to Lawkholme Lane.

Huddersfield’s heritage project and great old Fartown action photos.

Bill Major remembers 1960s days of the London Amateur League.

Halifax sees Thrum Hall debut of television and Jack Scroby.

Swinton fan searching for Danny Wilson.

Bobby Blackwood (Widnes) and Brian Brady (Warrington.)

Jean Dop of Marseille and France’s big city dreams.

Leigh’s classic winner scored by Mick Hogan.

Obituaries and tributes to: Bill Drake, Malcolm Sampson, Terry Langton, Geoff Shelton, Ron Rowbottom, Jack Hirst, Len Hammill, Keith Ashcroft & Lord Lofthouse of Pontefract.

Team pictures include: Castleford, Great Britain 1979, Keighley, Chorley Borough, Whitehaven, Wales 1939, Liverpool City, Workington Town, Bradford Northern, Doncaster, Wigan & Halifax.


Issue 42

Spring 2013



Issue number 42 -  Spring 2013

Salford on the front cover – Tom Brophy versus Warrington.

The Red Devils rescued – saving Salford’s famous heritage.

Remember the Big Freeze of 1963 – 50th anniversary.

Leeds the vibrant city – Loiners, Hunslet and Bramley.

Catching up in Canada with John Walsh – ex St.Helens and G.B. centre

Featherstone Rovers’ semi-final curse of Odsal Stadium.

Coaching at Halifax – Maurice Bamford’s happiest days.

Widnes forward power – great Chemics’ back-rowers.

France’s World Cup win over Australia at Odsal in 1970.

Johnny Hunter – thrilled the crowds at Fartown.

Willie Horne’s story – the modesty of Barrow’s legend.

Knotty Ash – more Liverpool City memories.

Aussies humbled in the shadow of York Minster in 1959.

Hull Amateur Leagues of the 1960s – a tale of two competitions.

Castleford Sevens winners – captained by Bruce Burton.

Gallant Youths of Batley.

Australian Test coach Vic Hey and Workington Town.

Rodney Morris scores for Whitehaven.

Carlos Zalduendo – bonjour Mr. President as “Zaza” remembers.

Obituaries and tributes to: Joe Egan, Dave Chisnall, Stan Smith, John Sheridan, Arthur Gregory, Fred Ward, Johnny Moore, Terry Major, Arthur Gregory, Brian Davies, Jacques Guigue.

 Team pictures include:  Wigan 1969, Hull 1957, Wakefield Trinity 1960, Warrington 1973, Rochdale Hornets 1974, Featherstone Rovers 1960, Bramley mid-1970s.

Issue 43



Issue number 43 -  Summer 2013

Tony Myler of Great Britain on the front cover.

Pus Kelvin Skerrett for Bradford and Fred Hall for Oldham.

Brian Lockwood at Balmain – one the best Brits down-under.

Warrington honour their heritage – with Jackie Edwards.

Remembering Jack Marchant - the Dewsbury firebrand.

Jack McNamara (Manchester Evening News) – tales of the typewriter.

Featherstone Rovers’ Hall of Fame – controversial omissions.  

Leigh’s Wembley glory – Alex Murphy’s 1971 winners.

York launch their Hall of Fame – seven founder members.

John Etty on try-scoring for both Wakefield and Oldham.

Jim Measures of Widnes  recalls the strange ball at Wembley 1964.

The Boothferry Park Test of 1982 – a milestone of change.

Joby Shaw – conversations with a born hooker.

Billy Boston becomes a schoolboy’s hero at Wigan.

Warrington’s search for more games brought Keighley to Wilderspool.

The Halifax team of 1957 and Thrum Hall memories.

Roanne – once the giants of French rugby.

Memories of Rugby League in Oxford and ‘Open Rugby.’

The Market District Boys Club of Leeds.

Maryport amateurs of 40 years ago – including Glasson Rangers.

George Fairbairn as Great Britain’s full-back.

Obituaries and tributes to: Frank Stirrup, Vince Nestor, Jim McCormack, Alan Marchant, Aidan Breen, Jim Parr, Sid Rookes, Ian Walsh and Doctor Forbes Mackenzie.

Team pictures include:  Dewsbury 1958, Oldham 1956, Huddersfield 1962, New Hunslet 1975, Whitehaven 1965, Leigh 1971, Wakefield Trinity 1957, Halifax 1957,  Roanne 1962,  Barrow 1955, Hull K.R. 1985 and Workington Town 1975.




Issue 44

Autumn 2013


On the front cover:

Keith Hepworth and Frank Myler in the 1970 World Cup Final.

Features include:

Paul Charlton & Bobby Fulton – early memories of two of R.L.’s finest players.

Brothers – including the families Karalius, Fox, Fairbank and modern day Burgess boys.

Peter Harvey, ex-Saints, on  West Park schoolboys together for Lancashire..

Former Featherstone captain Malcolm Dixon behind the scenes at a fierce 1963 Ashes Test.  

Maurice Bamford remembers some famous World Cup moments for British coaches.

Great Britain’s brave effort in the forgotten World Cup Final of 1977.  

Mick Martyn – the Leigh star who kept scoring tries.

John Wolford’s debut in a Bramley v Hunslet derby at the Barley Mow.

Naughton Park, home of the Chemics, a ground to remember.

Following Fartown to Keighley – memories of 1953 for Huddersfield.

Mansfield Marksman’s debut match versus Wakefield Trinity in 1984.

Marcel Bescos – a French legend way beyond Albi.

Mike Nicholas on the Warrington heritage wall.

Memories of Parkside live on – Hunslet’s Robin Hurl in action.

The Mackeson Trophy – enjoyed by Featherstone Rovers.

Pat Devery’s nostalgic return to Huddersfield.

When Warrington signed British Lions captain Robin Thompson.

Joe Brown of Hull K.R. as the Robins win 1974 Yorkshire Cup.

Dave Robinson in action for Swinton at Wigan.

The American All Stars – a story so crazy it has to be true.

Obituaries and tributes to:  Bob Burdell, Clive Best, John Burke, Rene Benausse, Marcel Bescos, John Chisnall, Jack Marston, Steve McCourt, Graham Murray, Willie Hargreaves, Brian Sparks, Arthur Staniland, Mike Docherty and Bernie Wood.

Team pictures include:  Barrow 1964; Huyton 1975; Leeds 1970; Hull F.C. 1960; Lancashire County 1967; Great Britain 1986; Cumberland Miners 1982; England Amateur Under-19s 1961.




Issue 45

Winter 2013


On the front cover:

Big Jim Mills winning with Widnes at Wembley in 1975.

Features include:

Rugby’s hard men – including Mal Reilly, Frank Foster, Derek Turner and the Drake twins.

Cliff Watson – on prop forwards in the modern game.

Geoff Gunney remembers the 1965 Cup Final for Hunslet versus Wigan.

Featherstone Rovers coaches – men who led the way in coaching.  

The 1963 Test battle of Headingley recalled 50 years later.

Oldham’s Championship season 1956-57 – a glorious campaign in detail.  

Mighty men of Dewsbury – Harry Hammond and company at Crown Flatt.

Toni Rossi the real pioneer of Italian Rugby League.

Cliff Morgan –  tales of the famous Welsh fly-half and BBC broadcaster.

Bill Major on being proud to play for Lancashire.

The colourful and controversial story of big Jim Mills.

Trinity – a new history of Wakefield’s club and one of the game’s great names.

Reelin’ in the years – ‘Rugby League in the Seventies’ book unveiled.

Wigan versus Manly on a night of magic at Central Park in 1987.

Huddersfield Heritage Cards – special memorabilia.

Raymond Fletcher – a personal tribute by Robert Gate.

Super ‘Oupa’ – Wakefield’s mighty South African Gert Coetzer.

Keith Hepworth wins Castleford players award.

A real Scots World Cup star - David Rose.

Alan Rhodes of Bradford Northern amid the big names at Bramley.

John Chapman – tribute to a true pioneer of France and New Zealand.

Obituaries and tributes to:  Terry Clawson, Joe Warham, Albert Naughton, Ken Bowman, Eric Broom, Laurie Milner, Trevor Briggs, Dickie Claughton, David Wigham, Ron Earnshaw, Ray Cording, Peter Frodsham, Vincent Cantoni, Georges ‘Jo’ Bonnet, Charlie Taylor, Richard Bailey and three great Kiwi forwards Mel Cooke, Ron Ackland and  Henry Maxwell.

Team pictures include:  Wakefield Trinity, Blackpool Borough, Rochdale Hornets, Halifax, Barrow, Whitehaven, Swinton, England in 1951.



Issue 46

Spring 2014


On the front cover:
Eddie Syzmala of Barrow, with Bill Ashurst of Wigan.

Features include:

Twenty great Amateur players – our tribute to some unsung heroes.

Re-building Bradford – when Albert Fearnley showed the way.

Featherstone Rovers Juniors – were so vitally important.

Leigh and the legend of McDonald Bailey, by the man who set it up.  

Wigan fan’s remarkable century of games in a year.

Hard men revisited – Brian McTigue, Charlie Pawsey, Graham Eccles.  

Cumberland’s greatest victory over Yorkshire remembered.

Mick Harrison – the tough guy’s favourite tough guy.

First Fijians at Rochdale Hornets – Levula, Drui and Ravouvou.

The Leeds junior club which nurtured Ellery Hanley.

Scouse memories – a warm welcome from Liverpool City at Knotty Ash.

When Fartown’s ‘team of all the talents’ got red faces at York.

Warrington’s coaching master-plan with Cec Mountford.

Gallant Youth – Carl Gibson the Batley flyer.

When Wakefield Trinity were the poster boys.

Ken Large in action for St.Helens at Rochdale’s Athletic Grounds.

In the snow at Thrum Hall – Alan Rhodes of Halifax.

Workington Town’s ‘Hall of Famers’ produce a three-way tie.

Keighley’s prolific kickers – Brian Jefferson and Garfield Owen.

Geoff Wraith starred for Wakefield Trinity and Castleford.

Rugby League’s links to the fabled Welsh fly-half factory.

Obituaries and tributes to:  Terry Fogerty, Jack Broome, Eddie Ratcliffe, Jack McGuiness, Brian Saville, Harry Pimblett, David Barham, Noel Pidding (Australia), Charlie McBride (New Zealand) and French internationals Henri Delhoste and Ernest ‘Tito’ Tarozzi.

Team pictures include:  Wakefield Trinity (1978-79), Barrow (1980-81), Cumberland (1960), Rochdale Hornets (1963) etc.



Issue 47

Summer 2014


On the front cover:

Roger Millward and David Watkins, as captains of England and Wales.

Features include:

Five new players in the York ‘hall of fame’.

Swinton calling – with George Parkinson and coach Cliff Evans.

If Brian Bevan were around today – how would he fit in?

Mike Nicholas – Warrington’s favourite Welshman.

St.Helens the Championship winners in 1971.

Featherstone Rovers tackling the Lancashire giants.

Odsal Stadium – Bradford Northern’s long walk down the steps.

The 1984 Lions tour remembered from the inside.

Hunslet at Parkside and the programmes of the ’sixties.

Oldham’s mighty battle with the 1959 Kangaroos.

Scouse memories - dreams of stardom with Liverpool City.

Tom Van Vollenhoven’s debut for Saints.

The great career of Huddersfield’s Ray Haywood.

Castleford and Leigh – great Rugby League towns.

Former French international Laurent Roldos and coach Felix Bergese..

Celebrating the great players of Wakefield Trinity.

Salford’s wartime impact on the success of Dewsbury.

Doncaster at Tatters Field and other favourite old grounds.

A mighty Hull K.R. pack from the ’sixties.

Whitehaven’s finest built on local strength.

Lancashire v Cumberland with Jackie Edwards and Eddie Brenan.

Obituaries and tributes to: Jim Fiddler, John Henderson, Alan Preece, Jack Hayes, Gerry Collingwood, Bob Little, Eric Lockwood, Horace Grainger, Cliff Williams, Roland Barrow, Les Jones, Jack Gibson, Keith Burhouse.

Team pictures include: Hull K.R. (1980-81), Hunslet (1962), Workington Town (1979-80), Wakefield Trinity (1975-76), Whitehaven (1957), Oldham (1959-60), Blackpool Borough (1966), Wigan (1958), Dewsbury (1942), Doncaster (1970s).


 ISSUE 48Issue_48_cover                              Autumn 2014

On the front cover:

George Nicholls with David Ward, Bill Francis and Roger Millward.

Features include:

Honouring Great Britain’s Lions.

Special tribute to the great Reg Gasnier.

The Robins honour Colin Hutton.

The Lions of Swinton enjoy anniversary of 1960s championships.

Great Britain’s first Colts international team in 1976.  

Roy Francis and an examination of coaching.

Wakefield Trinity’s hall of fame.

London’s colourful Rugby League history.  

Cumbria’s famous win over New Zealand in 1980.

Rare photos of the first match at Huyton’s Alt Park.

Blackpool Borough’s debut match away at Salford.

The pressman first hand at the launching of the “Indomitables”.

Chez Felix – the Rugby League heart of Carcassonne.

The very last farewell for Wilderspool.

Springfield Borough’s finest hour.

Fartown’s famous five – the first World Cup stars.

Workington Town at Wembley in 1958.

Stanley Chadwick’s pocket rocket.

Tribute to Roland Fabre – founder of ‘Treize’ magazine..

Jim Humble’s try for Leigh in great win at Wigan.

Obituaries and tributes to:  Jimmy Featherstone, Danny Leatherbarrow, Tony Dean, Wilf Smith, Frank McCabe, Roy Glover, Keith Bridges, Pete Warters of York, Don Ellis, Eddie Lavender, Hilary Steel MBE, Eric Seed and a trio of French ‘greats’ Fredo Trescazes, Gabriel Genoud and Pancho Segura.

Team pictures include:  Hull F.C. (late 1950s), Bradford Northern (mid 1960s), Leeds (1957), Fulham (1980), Cumbria County (1980), Blackpool Borough (1954), Barrow (1962), Wigan (1970), Keighley (1956), Batley (1981) and Rochdale Hornets (late 1960s).


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                                                        winter 2014
 issue 49

On the front cover:
John Woods of Leigh.
Features include:
Willie Horne and Malcolm Reilly enter the Hall of Fame.
On the road to the World Cup – behind the scenes of Britain’s 1954 triumph. 
Celebrating Castleford’s famous Regal Trophy win of 1994.  
Maurice Bamford remembers Martin Hodgson and other pre-war giants. 
The ‘other’ Other Nationalities of the mid-1970s, featuring Don Parry.  
Alan Rhodes remembers tough times with Tony Fisher. 
Cumbrian questions – and another try by Vince Gribbin.
The golden decade of the ’80s with Brett Kenny and Joe Lydon.
The Northern Union’s fallen in World War One – Fred Longstaff, Billy Jarman and Walter Roman.
Solving the mystery of the S.H.A.P.E. Indians.
New men in the Featherstone Rovers Hall of Fame.
Hull beat Workington in the 1958 Championship Final. 
Halifax heroes who brought good times back to Thrum Hall. 
Lance Todd and the birth of Salford’s Red Devils.
Warrington trio spanning the decades at Wilderspool. 
Leigh’s World Cup winners of 1954.
Jackie Newall for Blackpool versus Castleford in 1977 John Player Final.
Bill Ashurst’s Rugby League journey.
David Noble –determined for Doncaster.
Geoff Crewdson – Keighley’s first Lions tourist.
Obituaries and tributes to:  Bill Bretherton, Alf Mumberson, Colin Sutcliffe, Jimmy Birts, Greg Mackey, Stuart Gallacher and David Gronow. 
Team pictures include:  Oldham 1965-66; Hull K.R. 1964; Runcorn Highfield mid-1980s; York 1979; Keighley 1976; Halifax 1980.

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ISSUE 50Rugby_League_Journal_issue_50 


On the front cover:

The legendary Gus Risman and Workington Town lift the Cup.

Features include:

Celebrating our half century we print all 49 of our previous covers.

Sam Burgess and some of the stories not told in Rugby League.

Nobby Turley – the drop-goal king.

Tributes to Jack McNamara, doyen of writers for the Manchester Evening News.  

Saints in the ’sixties had so much strength in depth.

Maurice Bamford on bringing back the ‘biff’.  

Colin Hutton remembers his debut 70 years ago.

Wigan’s half-back pairing of 1965 reunited – Cliff Hill and Frankie Parr.

Gordon Lewis of Leigh on captaining Wales.

The Lancashire Federation of Supporters’ Clubs.

Paul Charlton – the flying full-back.

Ken Rollin’s try-scoring touch for Leeds.

Blackpool Borough – end of the line for so many greats.

Hunslet’s rivalry with Wakefield Trinity in the 1960s.

The match which saw Great Britain win the Ashes on home soil for the last time.

Life with the Lions – great days at Swinton in the swinging ’sixties.

The pubs of Hull run by the city’s Rugby League men.

Chris Young – a flying Robin.

Albert Eyre for Leeds against Wakefield Trinity.

Antoine Blain – the legendary figure of French Rugby League.  

Obituaries and tributes to: Reg Parker, Jack McNamara, Joe Anderson, Terry Hollindrake,

Martin Regan, Martin Shuttleworth, Trevor Callighan, Albert ‘Budgie’ Firth, Frank Farrington, Peter Henderson, Tommy Thomson, Derek Fox, Neil James, Danny Gardiner, Dennis Scholes, Joe Seddon,

Albert Moore, Ray Hopwood, Colin Poole, Stan Cowan, Derek Howard, Geoff Aspinall.

Team pictures include:  Leeds (1972), Whitehaven (1965), Rochdale Hornets (1963),

Cumberland County 1962, Blackpool Borough 1959, Carlisle late 1980s.




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